VicDrift December Members Day

The last VicDrift day of 2011 has come and gone, and what a successful year it’s been for the club! From implementing a fully online registration system, to having events fill up within just a few days, and most notably the revival of drifting at the famous Calder Park Raceway with the action packed Drift Attack, it really has been a fun filled year.

The December members day was super relaxed, despite my nerves of driving in A class for the first time. Capped at 60 drivers for the event, there was no more than 10 cars on track at a time in my class, with pretty much an open track.

The day started off a bit wet, resulting in a sketchy first session.. though I quickly got settled in and started having fun after unfortunately having to raise the rear height a little due to the tyres literally getting stuck on the inner guards under load :(

After alot of this though, I found that I had ran out of tyres shortly after Lunch time. Modified knuckles for extra lock is a double edged sword – It’s crazy fun and looks cool sitting on full lock with huge angle and lots of smoke, but it really chews through tyres fast!

The Frush family also came to show their support, and jumped in for some passenger rides.

And eat mango in my S14..

Krish got his hands dirty for once.

They also brought cupcakes!

It was after all an unofficial celebratory BBQ for my lovely girl Rongles.

And we can’t forget Sem the Technicolour Prince..

The S14 was reliable as always and all in all it was a great chilled out day, even though it was cut a bit short by me getting carried away and running out of tyres early. It did however make the 3 hour drive home a bit more interesting with sunlight for once.

Can’t wait for next years VicDrift calendar, especially the 2 day Matsuri in Feb, and the Calder Park Drift Attack later in the year! If you see me around please don’t be shy to come say hey!

-Stay Frush!


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